That Water is Unsafe to Drink Read

By | June 13, 2013


In this Survival Topic we will discuss why it is important that you consider ALL sources of drinking water as contaminated with disease causing organisms until you properly treat it. We will also touch upon the best method to make water safe to drink. Water Born Disease Organisms I want to hammer home to you the importance of always always always (did I say “always”?) treating any water before you use it for anything you will ingest into your body. In short, before you use water for any purpose that ends up in your body including drinking water oral hygiene such as rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth. cleaning of vegetables and other foods cleaning of cooking and eating utensils douching and enemas if you are into such things best left unsaid the water must first be de-contaminated so that all water borne pathogens are destroyed or rendered inert. Otherwise you may become very sick indeed.

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